Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Cumbria Way Ultra - Calm before the storm?

On Saturday I will be compeating in the Cumbria way ultra at 73 miles this is the longest ultra that I have entered and it’s kind of snuck upon me. I’m not sure how? Its been there just over the horizon but not here. But now it is here.
I haven’t had a panic about training. Having injured myself back in August I haven’t really done any, just a hotchpotch of 4 to 6 miles runs learning my new running style and the 17mile Totley Exterminator to prove I could run a distance. In lieu of piling on the Physical miles, I’ve piled in the mental ones applying Stuart Mills’s non physical training principles. Poring over the map and route notes, replaying the recce I did in May I have a Knack with remembering where I’ve been so combined with the map I have a very vivid mental picture. I have tweaked kit list and religiously checking the weather forecast watching it blossom from Sunshine & Showers code for we haven’t got a clue at this point, to an almost perfect light cloud and Sunny intervals. Plotting my timings and planning my food.  
In this week leading up to it, it has somehow felt surreal. I feel calm at the prospect, excited of course, well over excited as I always do but strangely calm and positive I know I can do it, there is a chance I won’t of course but that isn’t entering in to my mind.
Is the awe of my colleagues at running silly distances giving me a false sense of security? Or have Marc Laithwaite’s words at the L50 made me aware of my abilities or dangerously boosted my ego? I really don’t know.
Can my past experiences get me though this?  I ran the Lakeland 50 in 12:36 so I am fit. I did the Exterminator with out any pain or discomfort in a time I was happy with I appear to be fixed. I did the 65mile Oxfam Trail Trekker in 26 hour when 3 stone heavier with out running.
Although I am aware anything could happen I feel strangely confident. Do I have any right to? I’ll let you know Sunday. 

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